Introduction to Contributing to Super ELEC

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Thank you for considering to learn about contributing to Super ELEC's wiki. This page will introduce you to the necessary information to start contributing to the public wiki for Electrical Engineering at UNSW!

How to edit?

Anyone can edit by using the edit button on the top-right corner of the page. Like most wikis, your contribution could include adding information, correcting information, and fixing typological and grammar issues. Registered users are free to edit most pages without requesting to edit. However, to prevent the abuse of this privilege, un-registered (not logged-in) users may only request to edit a page after attempting an edit. Each request will require an editor to review and decides whether to apply the edit request. That said, please kindly refer to the Wiki Policies and Guidelines to ensure consistency and etiquette throughout the wiki. Furthermore, the policies and guidelines is developed to be intuitive. So even if you don't have the capacity to go through it all, please be sure that you contribute with sound and respectful judgement.

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Copyright and Academic Integrity

Although the aim of the wiki is to empower electrical engineering students at UNSW and is meant for educational purposes only, we, foremost, must respect contents' copyrights and enforce academic integrity. As the adage goes, we are "standing on the shoulders of giants". The expressed work accumulated to deliver us the knowledge must be respected and therefore we should respect the author's wishes. Furthermore, honesty, fairness, respect, responsbility, rigor, and trust form the expectation of a member in an academic community. Therefore, treat the wiki as an academic work. For example:

  • Always acknowledge the source of information through referencing and avoid plagiarism.
  • Avoid submitting copyrighted materials. Express the knowledge gained from them in your own way. But if the copyrighted material ends up being used, respect the author's wish. And always reference the material regardless if used.
  • Do not submit any form of material that constitutes of, or unfairly aide in, assessments at the university.
  • Do not submit unsolicited material such as pornography or services that undermine academic integrity.

Please read and adhere to the wiki's Copyright and Academic Integrity policy for the full details as appropriate consequences will be enforced.

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