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The Grand Challenge

The Worlds Most Accurate 1Hz Oscillator

You may have heard, or seen the challenge to construct the fastest circuit possible on a breadboard. However, this is not trivial to achieve, let alone measure as specialized and expensive equipment is required to do so. Hence, we have proposed quite literally the opposite- the world's "slowest oscillator". Now, one may be tempted to shoot for the slowest oscillation speed to satisfy the criteria at a cursory glance, but I predict one of you out there will be a smartass and hit me with something like: "0 Hz is the slowest ". Piss off. To this extent, a precise frequency would be enforced to mitigate any tomfoolery.

The frequency chosen shall be 1 Hz. Seems like a nice round number.

More details at the Grand Challenges page.

Applicants & Submissions

The challenge begins as of 9/01/2023. Submissions close on 9/04/2023.

EOI (Expression of Interest) and submissions should be made to [email protected].


  • $50 AUD.
  • Celebratory tart (not a euphemism). 

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