The Super ELEC website is created by and run by students and alumni of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) studying or studied Electrical Engineering. This website originated from the dissing of ELSOC's early 2022 website revamp. The ELSOC website was blank for nearly 2 months! It can be noted that this website is not officially affliated in UNSW in any capacity. We are volunteering our own time to assist fellow members of the electrical engineering student community in UNSW. We aim be an ELSOC alternative to assist students in UNSW to succeed in their Electrical Engineering journey by providing knowledge in the area of electrical engineering. That said, we condemn any form of academic misconduct. Any academic misconduct such as revealing answers to an examination will be recorded and removed.

The Super ELEC Group

The formation of the Super ELEC group must be attributed the honourable professor, Dr Georgios Konstantinou. He created a discord server on 01/22/2017 when he taught ELEC1111 - Electrical Circuit Fundamentals  for that term, now called The ELEC Hub, and has been effectively defunct around 2020. The server was created to understand the effect of casual interaction outside of course hours in this research here. Due to the lack administration by the professor, the server has been effectively become the wild frontier. It should be further noted that The ELEC Hub is embedded into the ELEC1111 side panel on Moodle. And since course admins do not create the Moodle page anew, they duplicate from the previous rendition of the course's Moodle page. Hence thereforth, newer students kept joining The ELEC Hub server without the support or administration from the professor. 

Around late 2020 and early 2021, a couple of first years doing ELEC1111 got fed up with the lack of administration and created their own server called Super ELEC. From then on, the server has been growing with later year students and even alumni joining the server. The server has grown to a community size that can be stacked against ELSOC. We hope to further grow to bring support to the many students of elec students in UNSW and around the world.

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