PHYS1131 - Higher Physics 1A

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These concepts are studied through course content, mainly lecture notes and course recommended textbooks. Please note, unless referenced from another source, please assume the following information presented is interpreted, studied, and re-expressed from the course content. Furthermore, please refer to the course content directly, e.g. ask the lecturer or read the textbook, for the most relevant knowledge required for the course.


Linear Motion


Two Dimensions and Three Dimensions Motion

Force and Motion

Work and Energy

Centre of Mass and Linear Momentum

Rotation and Torque


Thermal Physics


Kinetic Theory of Gases

Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics



Wave Motion

Sound Waves

Recommended Resources

Course Prescribed


  • Halliday, D., Resnick, R., & Walker, J. (2018). Fundamentals of Physics, John Wiley & Sons. 11E ANZ edition
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