ELEC2117 - Electrical Systems Design

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Study Level and UNSW Handbook
Undergraduate - ELEC2117 

Requisite Courses
Pre - ELEC2141
Pre - DESN1000



ELEC2117 is a course that teaches the design and architecture of microcontrollers using an 8-bit PIC16F microcontroller. This course provides an introduction on how to program microcontrollers for embedded systems applications. All programming is done in assembly language (MPASM) to help you understand how individual instructions are executed by microcontrollers. Concepts such as functions, interrupts, timers, and peripherals will be taught where such knowledge can be transferred to other microcontrollers such as STM32.


These concepts are studied through course content, mainly lecture notes and course recommended textbooks. Please note, unless referenced from another source, please assume the following information presented is interpreted, studied, and re-expressed from the course content. Furthermore, please refer to the course content directly, e.g. ask the lecturer or read the textbook, for the most relevant knowledge required for the course.

Recommended Resources

Course Recommended

  • Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers – Tim Wilmshurst, Elsevier, 2010
  • PIC Microcontrollers –Free online book – mikroElektronika; http:www.mikroe.com/products/view/11/book-pic-microcontrollers/
  • PIC 16F886 Data Sheet (2007), Microchip Technology; www.microchip.com
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