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Single Degrees

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - 3707

This is a guide, please always refer to the official program rule for your best interest.


Progression Requirements

  • No Level 4 BE course until 102 UOC of BE stream passed; and
  • No level 3 BE course until all Introductory core passed; and
  • Students must show cause not to be excluded from the program if they have any of the following (BE Progression Rules):
  • 2 fails in any given core course
  • Failed more than 50% of the BE courses after attempting at least half of the BE stream (min. 84 UOC)
  • Have a WAM below 50 with 48 UOC or more of the BE Stream remaining.

UNSW Engineering

Honours System

Honours WAM calculation

Course Weighting per UoC:

General EducationLevel 1 CoursesLevel 2 CoursesLevel 3 CoursesLevel 4 Courses
\(\text{Faculty Honour Wam}=\frac{\sum{\text{Course Mark}\times\mathrm{UoC}\times\text{Course Weighting}}}{\sum{\text{UoC}\times\text{Course Weighting}}}\)
Honours WAM calculation notes
  • The Faculty WAM will not be the same as the overall WAM shown on your academic transcript on myUNSW, as the courses in your transcript are all assigned a weighting of 1.
  • For dual degrees, only the courses which count towards the Bachelor of Engineering degree are included in the Faculty WAM calculation.
  • In the event of failure(s) in a course, the first mark obtained is used in the Faculty WAM calculation.
  • Academic Withdrawal (AW) grades will count as 00FL (Fail) for the purposes of calculating the Faculty WAM.
  • The Faculty WAM is calculated to one decimal place and is not rounded up or down for the purposes of awarding honours.
  • Courses completed at another institution either prior to or during enrolment at UNSW are not used. E.g. cross-institutional, exchange programs or courses for which transfer credit was granted.
  • The year in the degree when a course is actually taken is irrelevant.

UNSW Engineering

Honours Class

All students who complete the program will receive a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) award. In addition, those students who complete the program with an appropriate performance level through the program will receive an award with a Class of Honours. This class is based on the honours weighted average mark (Honours WAM) calculated for each candidate and on the mark awarded for the thesis project component.

  • Class 1: Honours WAM of at least 80 and thesis course mark of at least 65 
  • Class 2 Division 1: Honours WAM of at least 75 and thesis course mark of at least 65 
  • Class 2 Division 2: Honours WAM of at least 65 and thesis course mark of at least 65

UNSW Engineering





Bachelor of Engineering Science - 3706

The Bachelor of Engineering Science (3706) is a 3-year non-accredited pass degree that also serves as an exit degree for the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (3707) program. As such, students cannot generally request a transfer into this exit degree.— UNSW

Dual Degrees


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